See Rockset’s Rollups for Streaming Data at Kafka Summit 2021

September 7, 2021


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Event stream processing has lately become the most-requested feature among data practitioners, who are ever being pushed by their business counterparts for more fresh, real-time insights to improve their operational decisions and boost the digital customer experience.

But while streaming data is easy, analyzing it in real time was, until recently, too expensive and too slow. To address this problem, we released our Rollups feature for cost-effective real-time analytics. Now, Rockset users can aggregate and transform their data using SQL as it is ingested, reducing both the amount of data stored and amount of compute required for queries.

Our early users report that Rollups has boosted their analytics performance 30-100 times, while reducing their storage needs between 5 to a whopping 150 times. And unlike other real-time analytic systems such as Apache Druid, Rockset’s Rollups can ingest data from databases, in addition to event streams, and be specified using familiar SQL.

You can see Rockset Rollups in action at the 2021 Kafka Summit Americas (happening virtually September 14-15), the conference for the streaming data user community.

As a Gold sponsor, we are excited to announce that Rockset’s CTO and co-founder Dhruba Borkathur will be delivering the session Sub-Second SQL Search, Aggregations and Joins with Kafka and Rockset on Tuesday Sep 14 at 4-5pm PT. Dhruba will be deep diving into how to efficiently unlock the maximum value from event streams, serving queries from Kafka data, indexing Kafka data, and much more.

Kafka-dhruba talk

Visit Rockset’s virtual booth, as we will also have:

  1. Two educational tech talks on best practices for analyzing Kafka event streams (9am PT, Sep 14 and 15)
  2. Two Rockset demos, including SQL-based Rollups for streaming data (demo and Q&A 11am PT, Sep 14 and 15)
  3. A chance to win a $500 Airbnb gift card by registering for our post-event webinar, Modern Real-Time Data Stack: Emerging Cloud Architectures for Streaming Data Analytics
  4. Tons of helpful takeaway real-time analytics guides
  5. Conversations with the awesome Rockset team

You can read up on how Rockset serves real-time applications on Kafka and come by the booth to chat with our team about your projects. We’d love to discuss your initiatives.