Rockset’s Reverse ETL Integrations Extend the Modern Real-Time Data Stack

November 2, 2021

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Rockset’s new partner integrations with leading reverse ETL platforms Census, Hightouch, and Omnata will enable everyday business tools to consume real-time customer insights seamlessly from Rockset.

The World is Moving to Real-Time Data

The scope of data that is generated and collected throughout an organization is growing exponentially. This makes it difficult for leaders who are tasked with organizing and managing all this information. Beyond just the amount and breadth of data, the speed at which data is generated and consumed is also getting faster, becoming near real-time -- think seconds or milliseconds from when the data is generated to when it is analyzed. Organizations want to take advantage of their real-time data.

Traditionally, data warehouses were the central hub for all customer and business data. Built as batch systems, they are not sufficient for modern digital organizations who need to analyze their data in real-time. Rockset solves this as the industry’s only cloud-native real-time analytics database. Unlike a warehouse, Rockset enables real-time search, aggregations and joins across various historical and streaming data sources. With Rockset, data teams can perform sub-second analytics on fresh data.

Reverse ETL Solves the Last Mile Data Challenge

However, data teams often still have the last-mile challenge of putting operational analytics directly in the hands of business users who most benefit from it. The sales team, for example, will benefit tremendously if the analytics relevant for their accounts is immediately available in the CRM tool they use such as Salesforce. Currently, they are provided that information in batches periodically. Data-driven organizations need to empower their business users by providing them with actionable analytics in their tool of choice rather than force data teams to be the gatekeepers of the analytics. At Rockset, we believe that modern data stack should extend to include the consumers of analytics as well and allow the analytics to be consumed in real-time in the tool of their choice.

Reverse ETL technology has emerged to solve this by offering a broad range of out-of-the-box connectors between analytical databases like Rockset and popular enterprise applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, Slack and others. This is why customers are excited about Rockset’s new partner integrations with leading reverse ETL platforms Census, Hightouch, and Omnata.

These partnerships allow data teams to deliver on the promise of operational analytics by enabling important customer data from their analytical database to be consumed right in their frontline applications for real-time insights across the business. For example, customer success and operations teams can identify at-risk customers by surfacing product usage data in a CRM application. Or marketing teams can build hyper-personalized marketing campaigns by merging product, support and sales data to power customer segmentation that triggers timely sales interactions.

Our CEO Venkat Venkataramani summarizes it this way: “We now live in the era of real-time business observability. Our customers choose Rockset for real-time operational analytics because they want to trigger immediate actions that increase revenue and mitigate risk. With these new reverse ETL integrations, our customers can unify customer data in Rockset and easily sync it to any app to truly democratize access to real-time insights. Reverse ETL solutions are becoming a core part of the modern real-time data stack and we are thrilled to work with the leaders in the space — Census, Hightouch, and Omnata.”

Our reverse ETL partners also agree:

Boris Jabes, co-founder of Census: “We’ve seen first-hand how crucial it is for great companies to connect analytics directly into their business apps. Whether it’s identifying new opportunities, preventing churn or providing superior service, go-to-market teams need fresh data they can trust. With our native Rockset integration, Census makes it possible to bring true real-time data into any business workflow.”

Josh Curl, co-founder of Hightouch: "Our vision is to make data accessible and useful to everyone within the company. One of the ways we achieve this is through our suite of native integrations with our customer’s data sources. We see Rockset as a leading real-time analytics database and we are excited about this integration bringing more actionable insights to our customers."

James Weakley, co-founder of Omnata: "Omnata approaches reverse ETL uniquely by live-querying Rockset directly with no middleware — highlighting the real-time nature of Rockset. We're excited to support Rockset as a live data source and harness its sub-second query power. It allows our customers to deliver large operational datasets to sales and service users at scale."

Rockset + Reverse ETL

With these reverse ETL integrations, Rockset works seamlessly to deliver real-time insights and analysis to leading business applications. Additional benefits include:

  • Continuously ingest and transform customer data from multiple data sources
  • Use standard SQL queries to build a single view of customer
  • Automatically convert data fields into compatible destination types for different SaaS applications
  • Schedule syncs at arbitrary frequency, including real-time sync

Traditionally the focus has been on how soon you can analyze the data after it is generated (data latency) and how fast you can actually analyze it (query latency). The missing piece was how soon you could consume the analytics. If you can’t consume the analytics immediately, you lose the benefit of real-time analytics. Real-time analytics should empower every business user with the right insights to take action. Rockset’s partner integrations with Census, Hightouch, and Omnata enable data from Rockset to be seamlessly integrated and utilized by everyday business tools for real-time customer insights and operational analytics.

If you are interested in learning more about integrating Rockset with a reverse ETL solution, please contact us and we'd be happy to chat further about your specific use case.